Let’s Practice Together!

Adrienne M. B. Davis (she/her)
Founder and Lead Coach


My name is Adrienne M. B. Davis (she/her). I am a Durham, NC resident and the founder and lead coach of AMBDavis Equity Coaching, LLC.  I collaborate with organizations and teams to build and support communities dedicated to honoring difference, reducing harm, practicing accountability, and amplifying people and groups living beyond the margins.

With nearly 20 years of experience supporting community and organizational equity and inclusion efforts, I feel most at home coaching and empowering others to take a lead in their own learning, healing, and growth.

I began applying transformative and restorative practices in identity-related bias incident response while working in K-12 and higher education, local government and with a number of community and faith-based groups. I support individuals and organizations in different career fields, sectors, and organization types. 

While navigating, often complex, incidents, I am frequently asked, “How did you learn to do this?” It’s not easy or simple work, and much of my practice development has involved a lot of self-teaching, community feedback, and trial and error. 

 There are some guidebooks and workshops available that discuss bias incident response and incident response teams, few opportunities exist to apply and practice skill development. Even fewer, if any, offer resources that people can reach out to for advising on recent or emerging incidents.   

Coaching and interactive, experiential trainings build individual and organizational capacity to responded quickly, effectively and in meaningful ways. I am committed to practicing WITH you as you take on this challenging and important part of co-creating equitable and inclusive communities, schools and workplaces.

I look forward to practicing with you soon! 

My Commitments

In The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient African Teachings in the Ways of Relationships, Sobonfu Somé offers that “[community] is the spirit, the guiding light of the tribe, whereby people come together in order to fulfill a purpose, to help other fulfill their purpose, and to take care of one another. The goal of the community is to make sure that each member of the community is heard and is properly giving the gifts that he has brought to this world.”

I offer incident coaching, team consultation and training, and engagement opportunities that embrace the true spirit of community. I invite my clients to join me in my commitment to both accountability and action as we pursue equity and justice together.


  • Acknowledge and honor the land we reside on and the people who continue to protect it
  • Prioritize humanity, rest and wellbeing
  • Honor names, pronouns, and whole identities
  • Amplify and center people and groups that manifest lives beyond the “margins”
  • Name and mitigate power imbalance when possible
  • Give time for self and community reflection and learning
  • Attend to the wounds of historical and present day harm
  • Illuminate stories and acts of resistance
  • Focus on impact and respond restoratively
  • Co-create new, preferred narratives
  • Offer grace with anticipation of growth

A Better Approach

Bias Impact Response draws upon transformative and restorative community practices and offers meaningful inicdent response planing, support, coaching and training.

Schedule an appointment today to access an independent, and confidential resource that can help you pursue  a transformative approach to:

  • Incident Impact Assessment
  • Collective Solution Seeking
  • Community Care and Support
  • Shared accountability that extends beyond punitive measures