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Culturally responsive teams, organizations and communities strive to co-create protected spaces and workplaces that honor identity, lived experience and personal expression.  There are times, however, when identity-related (bias) interactions will impact the individuals that you support and serve.  

 Incidents involving race, gender, religion, nationality, etc. can create tension and undermine a sense of belonging. While recognizing that we cannot always prevent identity-related harm, we can build individual and organizational capacity to provide support and response in more transformative, tangible, visible and community centered-ways.

Drawing on principles of restorative  practice, AMBDavis Equity Coaching trains individuals and teams to respond more effectively to the impacts of identity-related incidents, interactions and events.  You are invited to join us as we build a community of practice that prioritizes dignity, care and cultural humility, learning and change!

Let’s Practice Together,

Adrienne M.B.Davis
Founder & Lead Coach
 Let’s Practice Together!

A Transformative Approach to Impact Response

Transformative, intersectional bias incident response requires a delicate balance of knowledge seeking, self-reflection, collective accountability, action-oriented commitment, and community care.

Bias Impact Response incorporates transformative and restorative community practices into all incident impact response planning, support, coaching and training. This approach focuses on creating space for the impact identification, collective solution seeking, and community accountability that extends beyond the punitive. 

Adrienne offers carefully curated opportunities to pause and identify meaningful paths forward as you navigate the personal and organizational impacts of  identity-related bias incidents. 

 Collaborate to  build and support communities of practice dedicated to honoring difference, reducing harm, practicing accountability, and amplifying people and groups living beyond the margins! 

Respond to bias incidents in more restorative, meaningful and impactful ways

Prioritize community care and support in your bias incident responses

Train team members to respond with compassion, care, and skill

Prepare teams that are responsive and equipped to respond effectively to challenging bias impact

Learn transformative and restorative approaches that support organizational equity and inclusion efforts

Align organizational equity and inclusivity practices and values

Value Centered

Support organizational values by co-creating equitable, inclusive and protected spaces, organizations, workplaces and schools.


Employ collective solution finding and accountability to proactively address the impacts of harmful behaviors, actions, and institutional policies or practices

Community Care

Reframe your personal and group commitment to equitable, community-centered practices designed to care well for those most impacted by DEI-related incidents


Cultivate transformative communities of practice committed to social equity, inclusivity and belonging.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in this session. Adrienne did a wonderful job of facilitating and introducing this process. She did a great job of modeling care and authenticity. It was great that she added humor to the experience too.”–I.I.,doctoral student, Introduction to Transformative Communities

“When COVID-19 arrived in the U.S. in early 2020, my Asian American sons quickly became targets at their schools. Distraught and concerned for their safety (and of their classmates that looked like them) I immediately turned to Adrienne.

She was able to meet me where I was, listening actively to my concerns and connecting with me emotionally. She then offered clear, manageable, and concrete steps that I could take at each of my sons’ schools.” –G.C. Parent & school equity advocate

“This was great. I think the work you do is so important and I wish there was an Adrienne in every department!”–S.L, college staff member; Bias Impact Response: A Transformative Option

Bias Impact Response
Coaching Resources

Bias Impact Response Reference Guide

Download a quick reference guide to bias impact response

$10.00 USD

Bias Impact Response: A Transformative Option

Self-paced, video course on the fundamentals of transformative bias-impact response.

$39.00 USD

Impact Response Discovery Meeting

Schedule a 40-minute virtual meeting to learn more about bias impact response and explore your personal or organizational path towards stronger response and support.

$50.00 USD

Join Our Community of Practice

We’re co-creating a community of practitioners that are skilled in navigating complex, and often emotionally charged, situations. The AMBDavis Equity Coaching Community of Practice (CoP) offers a protected space for bias impact response advocates to learn and practice.