AMBDavis Equity Coaching Presents

Brown.Noise Experiences
Centering Community Care in Impact Response

Leading and supporting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts in organizations can be isolating, disheartening and exhausting. While working to reduce harm and champion change, leaders and practitioners also need opportunities for respite and release. Move beyond self-care and explore interdependent support and care that amplifies the gifts that we each bring to the community. Unite as leaders and DEI practitioners for a Brown.Noise Experience. Let’s slow down and co-create space for learning, growth, interconnection, community care, rejuvenation and REST.  

Brown.Noise Experiences are carefully curated opportuities to pause and indentify meaningul paths toward personal, organization and institutional change. 

Step into a Brown.Noise Experience. Reduce distrations, center community care, and create connections for true transformation.



What is Brown.Noise?

Brown noise is an ambient sound that lacks the high, sharp resonance of white noise. Like the dull rumble of wind and waves, brown noise creates a muffled blanket of sound that cocoons and soothes, even as storms rage. Its deeper and stronger frequency generates concentrated energy that supports deep listening, focused contemplation, and intentional reflection.

How can Brown.Noise Experiences support equity and inclusion efforts?

Is your organization or group seeking visible and tangible equity and inclusion strategies and growth? Are you pursuing personal or professional growth opportunities to strengthen your own cultural humility and competence? 

We believe that true transformation and change requires self reflection, commitment, and then, intentional shifts in practices. Brown.Noise Experiences offer the time and space to identify patterns, needs and priorities and translate them into meaningful support and action practices.

Who would benefit from Brown.Noise Experiences?
  • Individuals leading efforts to co-create and support equitable and inclusive communities 
  • Executive and senior leaders,
  • Equity and inclusion practitioners and professionals,
  • Mediators and facilitators,
  • Trainers and workshop coordinators,
  • Community organizers and advocates
  • Student and peer leaders
How do I know if Brown.Noise Experiences are for me (or my organization)?

AMBDavis Equity Coaching honors the many ways that individuals embody their commitment to restorative and intersectional equity and inclusion.  If you identify with any of the characteristics below, then we are committed to co-creating a new narrative with you!

Restorative DEI leaders, practitioners, and co-creators: 

  • Resist unjust systems of oppression and dehumanization,
  • Honor ancient knowledge as they reeducate the mind, body, and spirit,
  • Prioritize truth telling and the repair of historical harm in meaningful, culturally significant ways; and, ultimately,
  • Reconcile the past, present, and future while striving to restore paths that lead to genuine healing and growth.

Equity and Inclusion Practitioner Retreats

This Brown.Noise Experience invites equity and inclusion practitioners to pause and draw upon principles of circle practice as we co-create a protected space for sharing, deep listening, healing and support.

Together we will articulate and expand our imagination for a care in this, often exhausting, community of practice. Offer and receive care and embrace the gift of time and space to simply…BE…together.  

Guided by shared commitments and carefully curated activities, we’ll  prioritize joy and interconnection as we rest and reflect together.   Let’s practice together and experience the true meaning  of equitable and inclusive community care. 

More Details

Who: “Front-Line” equity and inclusion practitioners, Diversity coordinators, Employee resource group (ERG) coordinators and peer leaders; DEI committee chairs, Student organization advisors, Student center staff, Associate directors, Mentors, Counselors, etc.

When: Beginning, middle or end of year, after major incidents or high stress periods


Leadership Practice Retreats and Resets

Brown.Noise coaching retreats offer “executive-level” teams* interactive learning spaces where they can explore collaborative, impact-centered leadership practices. Gain deeper understanding of your individual and collective values and how they inform your shared approach to equity and inclusion efforts. Establish practices that make your commitments visible and tangible to the campus community that you serve and support.

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More Details

Who: Executive/Senior Leadership Teams, Directors, Supervisors, Managers

When: Annual planning period, before launching new initiatives or programs, newly formed teams, after leadership changes

HALF and FULL Day Retreat Sessions Available

*Optional Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and pre-and-post retreat 1:1 coaching and debriefs provide private space for additional reflection, feedback, and action planning options available.

Student Leader Training Retreats

Prepare student leaders to align their values and practices with their commitment to supporting equitable and inclusive communities. Build individual skills that support collective accountability and positive impact. Together, student leaders will explore:

  • Foundations of Transformative Communities of Practice
  • Leading in Transformative Community
  • Personal Value Assessment and Alignment
  • Building Self and Community Awareness
  • Restorative Impact Response and You

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    More Details

    Who: Student-led advocacy groups, Student Government, fraternity/sorority and other campus organization leaders, Orientation leaders, Peer mentors, Resident assistants, etc.

    When: Orientation training, beginning of semester, after installation of newly elected organization boards, etc.

    Two and a half (2.5) and Four (4.0) Hour Resets Available

    *During your 40-minute ($50) discovery call, we will learn more about each other, identify your needs and determine if there is alignment with our services. You will also recieve a resource that supports your continued exploration and planning. If the session fee presents a challenge, please email with your request.