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Don’t React. Respond. 

Identity-related bias incidents are consciously, unconsciously, explicitly or implicitly expressed acts or interactions that individuals or groups experience negatively through the lenses of identity. These incidents and interactions impact sense of belonging and undermine efforts to build and sustain inclusive working, learning and living environments.

Most leaders can recognize bias impact, but often question next steps or feel stumped by community or employee calls for accountability or action. 

Bias Impact Response coaching supports the transformation of rushed reactions into thoughtful and meaningful responses that prioritize people.


What Is Bias Impact Response Coaching?

Real time consultation

Identity-related bias incidents can cause ripple affects for individuals, organizations, and the community. Access real time consultation to ensure that your initial responses support meaningful, people-centered outcomes. 

Explore Options

Transformative impact response offers a wide range of approaches that align with your organizational comittments and priorities.

Expert, independent advising

Receive external, unbiased assessment during bias-related incidents and recommendations rooted in best practices in impact response and community care.

Identify resources and opportunities

Collaborate to identify support, learning, and development resources that ensure that those involved in bias-related incidents have a clear path forward.



Why is transformative impact response different?

While the culturally “popular” response to identity-related bias incidents is to shame and punish, we know that rarely produces the kind of meaningful or systemic changes that people and organizations are seeking.  A transformative approach encourages us to invite accountability and move towards repair and deeper understanding while focusing on humanizing everyone involved in real and tangible ways.

What is the benefit of bias impact response coaching?

Transformative impact response coaching equips you to engage approaches and develop processes that promote naming impact and harm, listening to and educating one another, and encouraging accountability that builds, repairs, and restores relationships when identity-related bias incidents occur.

Who would benefit from impact response coaching?
  • Organization and team leaders,
  • Faculty, teachers, counselors
  • DEI, human resources, and student affairs professionals,
  • Mediators and facilitators,
  • Trainers and workshop coordinators,
  • Community organizers and advocates,
  • Individuals committed to co-creating and supporting equitable and inclusive communities 
How can impact response coaching help improve sense of belonging in my organization or group?

Individuals involved in bias incidents or interactions frequently experience a sense of isolation, vulnerability and report feeling unsupported. Impact response coaching can build your capacity to respond more effectively with care and empathy.

What if my organization/group isn't ready to implement a formal impact response process?

Meaningful support most often begins with “first responders” or the individuals that are most likely to witness or be told about a bias incident or interaction. Being equipped to engage those impacted by a identity-related bias incident increases the possibility restoring a sense of belongingness, reducing additional harm, and moving forward in meaningful ways. Impact response coaching and training prepares you to respond in ways that prioritize people and their support needs. 

How It Works

Book a single-incident consultation

External, independent advising on a current or emerging incident can support real-time, meaningful response and outcomes. 


Choose a Coaching Package

 Group coaching or annual consultation packages offer you access to ongoing support that helps you build your personal and organizational capacity to support your community’s equity and inclusion needs and goals.

Impact Response Process and Team Development Consultation

Incorporate transformative impact response into your organizational and personal practice by getting the guidance you need to build and equip a sustainable bias impact response program and team. 

One (1) Hour Incident Response Coaching Session

  • One-hour consultation for an existing/emerging identity-related incident
  • Downloadable copy of Bias Impact Response Quick Reference Guide
  • Real time, incident impact assessment and response planning support 
  • Online support request
  • Virtual support
More Details

Schedule a one-hour coaching and support session for additional guidance as you navigate a current or emerging incident or issue.  Confidentially submit an incident description for review prior to your consultation session.  Book up to three hours at a time.

Group Coaching

Learning and support space for DEI professionals and impact response  practitioners and advocates

  • Cross sector, sector specific (K-12 schools, nonprofits, medical teams), and position specific (DEI professionals, executive leaders, etc.) small group learning and development 
  • Specific focus sessions: Defining belonging, Establishing boundaries, Creative solution finding, Navigating apologies
  •  Development Inventory (IDI) assessment, debrief and personal development plan
  • Peer supported growth planning and accountability

Contact  for More Info

More Details

Specialized professional learning for individuals seeking to deepen their practice in bias impact support and response.  Great learning happens in a community where you can explore strengths and growth opportunities with peers. Bring questions and concerns into a protected space curated specifically for those that want to offer more meaningful and impactful response and support when identity-related incidents and challenges occur.  

Incident Coaching/Consultation Support

Choose bias impact response consultation that works best for your organizational or personnel development needs:

Bias Impact Team and Process Development Consultation includes:

  • Team and Process development and review
  • Organizational readiness review
  • Organizational preparation
  • Reporting and performance measure development
  • Incident impact assessment and response planning support
  • Incident response debrief and feedback
  • Online support request with appointment priority
  • Virtual support
  • Membership in the Bias Impact Response LinkedIn Peer Learning Community

    Available consultation Add-ons include: 

  • Workshop/Training
  • Intercultural Development Inventory(IDI) assessments and debriefs

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More Details

,Few teams and organizations have capacity to hire staff solely dedicated to responding to bias-related incidents.  Choose an 3, 6, 9, or 12-month consultation agreement that offers coaching and support for your team as you develop your organizational processes, build capacity and navigate impact assessment and response for bias incidents.  Authorize up to 5 members (dependent on package) of your team/organization to request business hours consultation, impact assessment support, and exploration of potential approaches that align with your organizational practices,  values and goals.  Let’s practice together!  Schedule a Discovery Call ($50) today.